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Ledger One AccountEdge Service Agreement ensures a more secure working day!

The Ledger One Service Agreement is an ongoing annual subscription, which includes product licensing, a wide array of support resources, and product updates. We are confident that this will help you to be prepared for the day ahead and to be in total control of any situation faced by you and your business.

Upgrades & Updates

Your Ledger One Service Agreement ensures that you always have the very latest version of your AccountEdge product. You will receive updates, which include new features and support for new legislation and regulations, forms, changes in tax rates and other matters that affect your business. Your Service Agreement entitles you to receive all major upgrades released during the course of your agreement, as well as minor updates which will be available for download on our website as and when issued. Upgrades can be downloaded from our website here.

Ledger One Support Centre

We place great importance on providing a responsive and professional support department, which can promptly provide answers to your questions. Your Ledger One Service Agreement entitles you to product support through telephone, e-mail and online support available via the www.ledgerone.co.uk website.


How to order your Ledger One Service Agreement

To order or renew a Ledger One Service Agreement, please contact Ledger One’s sales team.

End User License Agreement

The latest Ledger One Limited terms of service can be found here.