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AccountEdge Upgrade Features

Ledger One is happy to present a new and improved version of the AccountEdge series.  We hope you will enjoy the new features that have been developed for this version and the way they will help simplify your work day.

If you are currently using a legacy MYOB BusinesBasics, MYOB Accounting or MYOB FirstEdge solution and would like to upgrade to today's version of the product, please call us on 0208 152 9915 or email [email protected].

What's new in AccountEdge Pro & NE 2023

AccountEdge Pro & AccountEdge NE 2023 new features and updates:


Easier to Upgrade

Easier to Use

Easier to Manage

See the following video for more information: AccountEdge 2023 New Features

What's new in AccountEdge Pro & NE 2022

AccountEdge Pro & AccountEdge NE 2022 new features and updates:

Detailed information about all AccountEdge 2022 New Features
A detailed description of all AccountEdge 2022's new features can be found by clicking here.

What's New in AccountEdge Pro & NE 2021

AccountEdge Pro & AccountEdge NE (released November 2021) introduces support for the following macOS's:



What's new in AccountEdge 2021




* AccountEdge Mobile for iOS is discontinued from 2021.

What's new in AccountEdge 2020

Audit Trail Enhancements
Create reportable audit trail entries for all new transactions as they are entered, including which User created the transaction. Audit trail also now tracks when accounts and transactions are reconciled/unreconciled and edited.

Form Enhancements
Set default forms per sale / purchase type, add 'Past Due' stamp on forms, and additional shipping fields on forms.

Faster Loading of Find Transactions and Items Register
The Find Transactions and Items Register windows should now load up to twice as fast as earlier versions.

New Customer and Supplier Payment Details Reports
Easily trace payments with the new Customer and Supplier Payment Detail reports, which list each payment in a selected date range and to which sales / purchases the payment was applied.

AccountEdge Connect
Mass emailing of Customer Statements is now available from AccountEdge Connect.

Detailed information about all AccountEdge 2020 New Features
A detailed description of all AccountEdge 2020's new features can be found by clicking here.

What's new in AccountEdge 2019

Making Tax Digital Ready
For businesses within the scope of HMRC's new Making Tax Digital requirements, easily produce and submit VAT Returns directly from AccountEdge to HMRC. Making Tax Digital with AccountEdge

VAT Reconciliation
Whether you're using AccountEdge for Making Tax Digital VAT submissions or not, the new VAT Reconciliation feature makes producing VAT returns a breeze!

Flat Rate VAT Scheme
Added Flat Rate VAT reporting for business registered on this scheme.

Tracking Undeposited Funds Receipts
For customers receiving payments into Undeposited Funds and using Prepare Bank Deposit, easily track which payments have been deposited to a bank account. Tracking Deposits into and out of Undeposited Funds

Custom Notes for Sales and Purchases
Use the new Save Note and Choose Note features to save a series of custom notes that can be added and printed on sales and purchases. Custom Notes for Sales and Purchases

Filter Statements by Who's Overdue
When selecting statements to email or print, you can now choose to only include customers with an overdue amount.

What's new in AccountEdge 2018

Updated Job Windows, New Job Customisations and Reports
Easily customise your jobs by using custom lists and fields, as well as job status'.  Custom lists and fields allow more information to be held for each job and while also providing additional report filters.  Job enhancements video.

Item Kits
Create Item Kits to easily price and sell groups of items quickly.  Item Kits let you sell a collection of items without having to stock the item itself.  Item Kits video.

Print a 'Paid' Stamp on Invoices
Print a 'Paid' stamp on closed sales or purchase invoices.  'Paid stamp' video.

'Copy From' when creating new Auto-Build items
You can now copy setup information from one auto-build item to another, making creating new auto-build items quicker and easier.  'Copy From' auto-build video.

Notes on Reconciliations and Payments
When reconciling an account, you can now Add Notes regarding the reconciliation.  These notes can also be displayed in the reconciliation report.

Search Customers & Suppliers by Contact person
You can now search for a customer/supplier card using the name of your contact.  Search by Contact video.

What's new in AccountEdge 2017

Email enhancements

Email contacts directly, send bulk emails, setup email templates using customer and supplier information, add CC and BCC addresses, add attachments, preview emails before sending, and more.  Email enhancements video.

Email customer payment receipts
You can now email receipts to customers for receive payments, receive refunds and receive money transactions using a customisable template.  Emailing payment receipts video.

Apply open credits while entering sales
Outstanding credit amounts are now immediately visible and usable when entering invoices.  Applying outstanding credits video.

Paid Today enhancements
New ability to select which bank account you wish to receive or pay the invoice from, and easily enter cheque numbers on payments. Paid Today enhancements video.

Payroll Pension enhancements
New ability to allow setting up of multiple pension schemes and providers for the company and for employees.  Improved pension reports and filters.

UPS Shipping Integration
Link AccountEdge to your UPS account to create a UPS shipment directly from a sales invoice or customer card. Add carriage markup rates, setup email notifications, create and print shipping labels, and track packages once they are shipped. Requires a UPS account. UPS Integration videos.

What’s new in AccountEdge 2016

Lead Tracking

New 'Lead' card type.  Track when leads were created and converted to customers.  Create quotes on leads and automatically convert them to customers once a quote is changed to an invoice.  Leads also come with new Lead Source and Lead Status fields for filtering reports.

7 Year historical Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting
You can now view up to 7 years of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports in AccountEdge.  Also, a new multi-year spreadsheet report is included which displays year on year P&L comparisons in easy to view columns.

Advanced Filters for Registers
New filters have been added to the Bank, Sales, Purchases and Find Transaction Registers to give flexibility when searching for transactions.  Within the Sales and Purchases Registers you can now filter by Invoice Number, Amount To/From, Customer PO number, Description, Items sold/purchased, Jobs, Departments and more. 

Void cheques
Damaged or lost cheques? Void Check allows for a way to void any kind of check, mark it as reconciled, identify it Transaction Journals, and put a ‘rubber stamp’ on the transaction window.

AccountEdge Connect Direct Sync*
Direct sync between AccountEdge and AccountEdge Connect. No need for Dropbox and includes other new Connect features.

Payroll updates
Improved Automatic Enrolment and Pension features and support for Scottish Income Tax.

Much more!
AccountEdge 2016 also includes improvements to department handling, updated sales and purchase entry windows, new customer and item profitibility reports, new student loan deduction types, the ability to set AccountEdge's system date, and more!

What’s new in AccountEdge 2015

Serialised Stock Tracking
Track a product’s serial number from purchase through to sale. Choose item serial numbers when creating sales invoices. Create your own serial numbers. Serial number transaction reports.

Track Warranties
Track warranties using a new warranty field for those items that you track serial numbers. Set the length of warranties and include on printed sales. A new Warranty Report will display active warranties sold to customers with the warranty expiration date.

Commission Tracking
Track and pay various commission types and rates for salespeople (employees and suppliers). Commission authorisation. Include commission in payroll payments. Various commission reports.

Shopify Integration
Integrate AccountEdge with Shopify, the leading ecommerce provider, to build a beautiful web store. Sync items to and from Shopify including pictures, prices, descriptions, etc. Set up stock levels to send to Shopify. Sync down orders and payments. *Requires Shopify account and the AccountEdge Connector (additional charge).

Much more!
AccountEdge 2015 also includes improvements to the recording of Job and Department transactions; adding a Supplier to sales invoices as the Salesperson; use of Departments on Timesheets; Bank Register improvements; creating a copy an existing sale for a different customer, and much more!

What’s new in AccountEdge 2014

Departmental Accounting
The new Departmental Accounting feature gives you the ability to track financial profitability within your business by department. You can now assign a single department or split multiple departments per transaction.

Item Variations
You can now create multiple variations of an item automatically and have AccountEdge track the stock quantities of each variation. You sell T-shirts in various sizes and colours? You got it. You sell coffee in various bends and flavours? You got it.

Expanded Payroll Features
Automatic Student Loan calculations, Earlier Year Update(EYU) submissions, Employment Allowance and more.

Much more!
AccountEdge 2014 also includes new departmental reports, improved employee leaver handling, use of default invoices per customer, improved job reports, and the ability to combine stock item cards to help clean up your items list.

What’s new in AccountEdge 2013

Real Time Information (RTI) Full Payment Submissions for Payroll
AccountEdge Plus 2013 is now HMRC recognised for Real Time Information, the new way of reporting PAYE (Pay As You Earn) to the HMRC. Follow our simple step by step RTI Setup Guide for preparing and submitting your Real Time Information. This is essential reading for all Payroll module users!

Document Management
Now you can attach documents, images, scans and other file types to records and transactions in your AccounEdge company file.

Improved Bank Statement Import
A new Bank Statement Import window makes it easier to add new transactions, match to existing transactions and create import rules when importing a bank statement.

Much, much more
AccountEdge 2013 also comes with new functionality to Change Orders, manage Mileage Tracking, batch deletions, add a shipping address on professional invoices and produce Billing Rate Level Reports.

What’s new in AccountEdge 2012

New Command Center design
AccountEdge 2012 now sports a new re-designed command center with several new ways to get to the information and features you're looking for quicker including new drop down menus, new Lists and Sync menus.

Detailed Invoice Statements
Would you rather send out a monthly statement instead of invoices but still provide detail to your customer? With the new Detailed Invoice Statement you can send out statements at the end of the month and have it print all of the invoice detail for sales that occurred during the specified period.

Billing Rate Levels
Billing at different rates has just become a whole lot easier. With Billing Rate Levels and the ability to create custom rate levels you’ll be able to bill your clients in a variety of different ways. Now each employee and customer can have a matrix of billing rates by a selected activity.

Much, much more
AccountEdge 2012 also comes with a new Welcome Window, Activity Slip Security Preferences, over 50 New Fields available for Sales Reports.

What’s new in AccountEdge 2011

Progress billing
Contractors, architects, engineering firms, and others that bill by project or job can now bill as work is completed.

AccountEdge Mobile
Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch simply tap to record sales, expenses and activities, add or edit contacts, and sync it all with your desktop version of AccountEdge 2011. AccountEdge Mobile is a free app and will soon be available for download from the iTunes App Store.

Time Tracker
Time Tracker for AccountEdge is a seamless way for employees and subcontractors to submit activity slips and timesheets from anywhere using a web browser and internet connection.

Much, much more
Create an invoice from a purchase, increased description field sizes, updated search, interface updates, web store integration, and more.

What’s new in AccountEdge 2010

Updated User Interface
We have streamlined the user interface, improving both navigation and appearance.

New and improved features
We have thrown in plenty of new features and made improvements on other ones. You’ll see enhancements in inventory, shipping information, and business insight modules, just to name a few.