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About Ledger One Limited

Ledger One was founded in 2020 by Ginder Gabri and Tony Hobbs.

Ledger One officially became the exclusive UK AccountEdge distributor on 01 January 2022.

Ledger One Ltd. Founders

Tony Hobbs and Ginder Gabri have worked hand in hand with MYOB, Mamut Software and Priority Software in delivering and supporting AccountEdge products in the UK since the early 2000's.

Working in tandem, Tony and Ginder provide an unparalleled, friendly and deeply insightful user experience to AccountEdge's UK customer base.

Ginder Gabri - Co-founder

Prior to joining MYOB UK (later Mamut Software) in 2006, Ginder spent 10 years studying and working in hotel management in a number of positions, primarily focusing on operations and finance roles. Ginder has worked with a range of creative and accounting software products over the years including Oracle, Micros Fidelio, Microsoft Office Accounting, Mamut Business Software, MYOB, Dosh Cashbook, and AccountEdge.

Ginder was Mamut Software's AccountEdge product specialist, a role that allowed his creative flare and logical mind to go into over drive when finding solutions to the most puzzling questions and helping develop and test new product features.

Having lived half his life in Kenya, Ginder is fluent in Swahili and loves all things nature. He considers himself a good chess player and amateur artist, but really bad at golf.

Tony Hobbs - Co-founder

Tony has been working in the accounting software industry since 1989 when he joined software house Orchard Business Systems, which was to eventually become MYOB UK and then Mamut Software in 2008.

Over the years Tony has supported, trained, consulted, and helped develop a huge range of professional and commercial accounting software including Finax & Timax, Navision, Pegasus, Exact, Microsoft Office Accounting, Mamut Business Software, Dosh Cashbook, MYOB, and AccountEdge.

Tony was the head of support for Mamut's AccountEdge products in the UK, a role in which he thrived in helping customers get the very best out of their software.

A keen traveller, runner and club racing driver, Tony considers himself as equally bad at golf as Ginder.